Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking Back: A Promise of Recycling for Helena

In the late eighties and early nineties, regulations known as "SubTitle D" were enacted to protect groundwater and address other environmental concerns associated with landfills. Lewis & Clark County and the City of Helena, like many communities across Montana and the nation, needed to replace their facility with new system to dispose of trash. 

Centennial Park now covers the old city dump and a hundreds years of trash going back to early times in Helena. A recently established special district pays the approximately $110,000 a year cost to monitor and address methane and plumes from the site. The bond for the Transfer Station is now paid off and the City has a million dollars set aside to invest in the facility, in part due to separating the old landfill liability from the solid waste assessment and tipping fees. 

The cost of historic landfills was on the minds of Helena residents when it was time to build a new system and facility. A more holistic approach, known today as "Integrated Waste Management" was called for, one that included a focus on recycling. Today, City of Helena and Lewis and Clark County residents in the Scratch Gravel Landfill District (Helena Valley) pay into a system that was promised to include collection for "all recyclables" from the start. 

As we look to our 150th in Helena, it is time to honor this commitment.

It is an honor to serve. Thank you very much for reading this post!


Matt E

Matthew A. Elsaesser, Commissioner
City of Helena, Montana, USA

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greening America's Capital's Report for Helena Available Online!

This report includes an excellent proposal to connect Women's Park Downtown to Centennial Park and Trail with an elevated pedestrian crossing on Neill Avenue near Front Street. 

Openings in City of Helena Boards: ADA Compliance, Board of Adjustment, BID/HPC, Zoning Commission, and Benton Avenue Cemetery Association

Applications due November 21, 2013. Details Follow:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Broadway Tunnel Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

The Broadway Tunnel announced by MDT in 2008 is now complete!  The project compliments the accessible bike pedestrian bridge already build by the agency at the Capitol Interchange and furthers a complete trail network throughout the Helena area!

From the Helena Independent Record

Construction Began Late Summer - KXLH 
Construction - Beartooth NBC

Monday, November 4, 2013

The City of Helena Employee Newsletter, On The Gulch November 2013!

Recycling Update: Supporting Documents for Expanded Recycling Opportunities in Helena


The following materials provide additional details about recycling in Helena following my recent post:

  • The first document, images one and two, outlines challenges and opportunities for efficiencies and increased recycling.
  • The third image shows a regional facility that collects electronics and household chemicals for reuse, recycling, and proper disposal. 
  • The final slides provide an outline of the community partnership that has provided plastics recycling to Helena for seven years and paved the way for permanent collection. 

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. 


Matt E

Matthew Elsaesser, Commissioner
City of Helena, Montana, USA
[Recycling in Helena -  F.A.Q. & Tidbits - Page 1]

[Recycling in Helena -  F.A.Q. & Tidbits - Page 2]

[History of Community Plastics Drives in Helena]