Monday, June 1, 2015

Upcoming City of Helena Commission Meetings: Budget June8th, TCC June9th, Admin June 10th

June 8th, Budget Work Session, 3-6pm: Continued budget discussion to include road project funding, recycling and solid waste items, and more. Work sessions also tentatively scheduled for June 23 & June 30. 

Transportation Coordinating Committee, June 9th, 3pm:
Final agenda should include discussion of "Urban Funds," which include around $8 million for Helena Area Projects through 2019. 

Draft Agenda
Final agenda will include
discussion of Urban Funds. 

Map of routes eligible for Urban Funds
From Urban Funds overview provided by MDT.

From Urban Funds overview provided by MDT.

City of Helena Admin Meeting, June 10th, 4-6pm:
Agenda packet, "Admin Mtg Packet_06.10.15.pdf,", can be downloaded here.  


June 3rd, Budget Work Session, 3-6pm: Continued discussion of Public Works