Monday, January 9, 2012

Expanding Recycling in Helena

Photos of the new City of Helena recycling sites at the east end of the Capitol Hill Mall and at the median between on Cruse Ave towards Park Avenue and directly across from Dale Harris Park and coverage of recycling programs in the Helena Independent Record.

"........Thumbs up to increased recycling....[Helena Independent Record - Jan 6, 2012]

The city of Helena continues to take incremental steps toward a more inclusive recycling program. Starting on Wednesday, Jan. 18, and on the third Wednesday of each month going forward, the transfer station will accept electronic waste — televisions, computers, monitors and the like. With personal electronics becoming ever-more affordable and ubiquitous, disposal becomes a larger problem, and it’s good to see the city moving toward finding a way to take these items, some of which have components that need special dismantling and disposal. There’s a per-item fee to be paid for now, which is hardly an incentive to recycle, but at least now residents have a regular and available option for disposing of electronic waste."


"Pines for Perch" program continues through January 16 [HelenaIR, Jan 7, 2012]:

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