Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fund Centennial Trail West!


Centennial Trail has long been a priority of the City of Helena.  Recent revelations about available right-of-way for trail construction have the potential to defund the Western part of the trail. Your City Commission will have to decide whether or not to pursue the trail this Wednesday at 4pm. I hope to find support for the following proposal to utilize soon to expire funds for this essential trail.


- Matt E

Mayor, Commissioners,

I strongly urge dedicating the remaining pool of City and County Community Transportation Enhancement Program (CTEP) funds to Centennial Trail West.  Centennial Trail has long been the focus of the City Commission and our Non-Motorized Transit Advisory Council. Centennial Trail West will provide greatly needed safe, accessible bike and pedestrian routes from Centennial Park through neighborhoods, schools, parks and residential areas.

Based on our many discussions this year and notes in the staff memo prepared for our May 14th administrative meeting, I recommend we dedicate the remaining City and County CTEP funds to a broad scope from Benton or Henderson through the Leslie/Joslyn/Country Club Intersection to and beyond Spring Meadow State Park. All potential routes should be included to ensure finding the best feasible route with available right-of-way in the coming year.

It is clear that only our strong direction will realize this unique funding opportunity to complete essential components of Centennial Trail with the last remaining CTEP funds. 

Additional material follows.

Thank you very much!


- Matt E

Matthew A. Elsaesser, Commissioner
City of Helena, Montana, USA
316 N Park Ave 59623
cell: 406.431.0815


Why not dedicate the funds in Centennial Trails East (“Phase 1”)?

The million dollars of CTEP currently dedicated for this section of the trail should complete most, if not all of the shared use paths for this section. Sidewalks and bike lanes or bike boulevards for the East section should be addressed by other City funds and Commission action.

Potential (Added) Alternative to include in Scope of Centennial Trail West: 

*Henderson Bridge *Improvements at Joslyn/Leslie/Country Club Intersection
*Trail from Centennial Park to Benton *Benton Crossing *Bike Boulevard or other improvements on Leslie from Henderson to Joslyn *Improvements along existing rail easement from Benton to Joslyn *Connection to Spring Meadow along Country Club or platted Leslie Street *Continued trail West with potential partners such as Green Meadows Country Club, Archie Bray, VA, Fort Harrison, Prickly Pear Land Trust, and others…

Alternative Connections from Josyln Street West:
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Exhibit Submitted to Railroad January 2014
Existing Trail Shown in Yellow