Thursday, August 14, 2014

Green Infrastructure Amendments for Helena's Boulevards!

[Update: Both amendments passed. The storm water amendment was modified to clarify that City approval of such features could be conditional on requirements for both installation and maintenance, which "may" include additional cost to adjoining property owners.]


Click to View Amendment 1
This coming Monday, August 18th, I will propose two amendments to the City of Helena Boulevard Landscaping and Public Tree Ordinance (Title 7, Chapter 10 of Helena City Code). Details of the ordinance linked here.

One amendment [shown right] is to ensure that fruit trees be allowed with the condition that the adjacent property owner collect fruit to prevent nutrient diversion into city storm water collection. This will allow residents or perhaps even public parks, such as the envisioned green concepts of an "Edible Forest" in the 6th Ward.

Click to View Amendment 2
The second amendment [shown right, fact sheet below] allows for additional green infrastructure concepts that can help meet regulatory requirements for storm water, allow narrower safer streets, and help maintain the health of boulevard trees by directing rain water to the boulevards rather than expensive central treatment

Please let me know if you have any questions and let your Helena City Commission know of your support for these amendments.


Matt E

Matthew Elsaesesr, Commisser
City of Helena, Montana, USA