Saturday, January 4, 2014

Recycling Update: Commission recycling direction from December 11, 2013 Administrative Meeting

The Helena City Commission agree to the following points on recycling December 11, 2013. City staff affirmed that they would be able to present a detailed proposal for permanent plastics recycling at the Transfer Station in January 2014. 
  • Staff provide a formal proposal for plastics in one month that includes bids for equipment, determines staff needs (or partner, e.g. Helena Industries on busy weekends), and outlines a location at the facility for collection.
  • The efficiency study will consider recycling as part of waste management in the City of Helena and Scratch Gravel Landfill District, including potential partnerships and future recycling opportunities-not just current operations.
  • Support more frequent chipping and removal of green waste at the Transfer Station.
  • That Transfer Station Recommendations 1 & 2, major capital projects, be held off until further action by the Commission following the efficiency study.
  • Evaluation of the Blue Bag program. 
I will post an update when the Commission receives the staff proposal. 

- Matt E

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